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Adsterra Ad Network CPM rates and Review

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Adsterra Ad Network CPM rates and Review

Adsterra is one of the good CPM ad network that pays high for publishers, they have different type of ad formats, they support Mobile and Rich Media Ads, their PopUnder pays good for US and UK Publishers. The Pay on NET45 basic with minimum of $100 payout. They also support Payza, Paypal, Wire, Paxum, Paynoor payments.

 Rating :   6.7/10
 Network Name
 Network Type
 Minimum Threshold 
Payment Mode
 Paypal and other
Payment Method
 NET 45
Average US CPM rates
  $0.24- $0.35
Average International CPM rates
  $0.11- $ 0.21
 Payment Proof
 Alexa Rank
Network Trust


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  5. They will start with popunder first once the account has been approved. It will take a while to see whether it has good cpm. or for reviews.

  6. any knows tht d cpc rate in adsterra ?

  7. any knows tht d cpc rate in adsterra ?

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