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Best high paying CPM Ad Networks for small publishers 2014

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Best high paying CPM Ad Networks for small publishers 2014

CPM stands for Cost per thousands where publishers earn for every thousand impressions. There are many adnetworks that pays low and high CPM rates, according to ad networks this year the eCPM rates have been decreased and CPC rates are increased, Here are the best CPM ad networks for small publishers or with low traffic sites.

#1. Adversal

Adversal stands first for small publishers or publishers with decent traffic with a minimum of 1000 daily page views.

#2. Adsense

Adsense is one of the best CPM and CPC ad network that pays high CPM rates and CPC rates, they require low traffic of 400 daily page views.

#3 Value View Media

Value View Media stands demands ad Network that pays publishers with high CPM rates ranging form $0.14- $0.25 with google traffic, they do not allow fake or autotraffic

#4 AdsPilot 

AdsPilot stands one of the best CPM ad Network for publishers with low cpm rates or sites with low traffic, they pay good CPM rates for US traffic ranging from $0.20-$0.28 and $0.10-$0.15 for international traffic.

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  1. Thanks for your information!!!!!!!.....Present i'm working with adzonal. Getting petty cpm and good result with them

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